Gift Cards

Right now! Double validity period (2 years).
Give away a gift card and be sure to use it. During the current Corona virus, we double the validity period of our gift cards.

With a gift card for travelling you will give away an experience and memories for life. The receiverdecides him or herself where and when he or she wants to travel, which makes the gift very personal and brilliant. Our gift cards are valid for all of our products – domestic travels, international travels, travel cards and interrail passes.  

We will send an elegant, handwritten gift card home to you with a promo code. The receiver just needs to contact us and give us the code when he or she wants to use the gift card.  

Choose an amount yourself or use the pre-selected (most popular) amount. 

How it works 

Order the gift card in your own name and to your own address. We create and will send an elegant and handwritten gift card within a few work days. You can choose your preferred delivery time in the checkout. The gift card will contain a promo code that the receiver will use when making a booking with us. There will also be a small space on the gift card for you to write your own personal message.  

Other information 

The following special conditions apply to gift cards.

  • The gift card is not personal 
  • The gift card can be used on one or several occasions as long as there is money left on it. 
  • The gift card is valid for all products/services that Trainplanet provides. 
  • The gift card contains a promo code. The gift card along with the promo code is a valuable document – lost gift card/promo code won’t be refunded 
  • We offer full refund for all non-used gift cards that are returned within 2 weeks.