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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Setup Your Mobile Pass

Check out the video explaining how to get started with your Mobile Pass. Do you prefer to read the instructions at your own pace? Below the video, you'll also find all information written down.

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Before the trip

We offer our customers the convenience of self-booking through our website, but if you require assistance from our customer service team, a service fee will be added to your booking. This fee is necessary to cover the additional resources required to process and fulfill orders manually. We strive to provide excellent customer service and ensure a smooth booking process, and the service fee helps us achieve this goal. Please note that by using our online booking system you can avoid this fee.

When we create a quote, a quotation fee is added. However, if a payment is missed or if extensive changes are requested, an additonal quotation fee is added. This fee is necessary to cover the additional time and resources required to process and prepare a revised quote. We strive to provide prompt and efficient service to all of our customers, and charging a quote fee helps us achieve this goal.

Mobile Pass Number / Pass Number:

The number that you will use to activate your Interrail Pass. A six-digit code with both numbers and letters (e.g. XT502R).

Pass Cover Number / Verification Number:

A series of numbers starting with a big letter “i” followed by 8 numbers. This is for when reserving a seat directly with the train operators (e.g. I12345678).

Passport / ID number:

This is the number on your Passport or National ID card that you will enter. You can use either one of them on the Interrail app. Please note that you must look up in which countries you can travel with a National ID card.

Pin Code:

The app might ask for your pin code to verify that it is you. This is the authentication method that you use to unlock your phone.

Most of the tickets in Europe are now E-tickets. This is very new as just a couple years ago, almost all train tickets in Europe were Paper tickets.

However, some operators still utilize paper tickets, such as Italy and also certain night trains. The paper tickets are printed on a specific value paper and sent by trackable mail directly to the customer.

The Interrail Pass acts as a travel ticket valid on most European trains. To learn more about the Pass, read here.

This entirely depends on where you go. For example, most express trains have mandatory reservations, meaning you must have booked a seat before boarding the train. While InterCity and regional trains usually have voluntary or no seat reservations. You can simply hop on the train with just your Interrail Pass. The rules may also differ between countries and train companies.

The most significant difference is the comfort, as you usually get more comfortable seating and additional space in first-class. You can even access a lounge in certain countries when traveling first-class. If you have a first-class Interrail Pass, you can choose if you want to go in either first- or second-class. If you have a second-class Pass, you are only allowed to travel in second class.

Choose your age based on how old you are on the first valid date of your Pass.

In such cases, you write Sweden as your country of residence. Since you have a foreign Passport Number, you will have to bring a certificate from a Swedish authority proving that you do, in fact, reside in Sweden.

No, you only have one inbound and one outbound journey in your country of residence.

The travel day runs from midnight to midnight. During that time, you can ride as many trains as you want. All trains that exceed the daily limit are counted as the day of departure.


July 19th 05:20-09:48 Stockholm Central - Malmö C

July 19th 10:13-10:49 Malmö C - Köbenhavn H

July 19th 11:26-16:02 Köbenhavn H - Hamburg Hbf

July 19th 20:29-07:11 Hamburg Hbf - Muenchen

= 1 Travel day

July 19th 05:20-09:48 Stockholm Central - Malmö C

July 19th 10:13-10:49 Malmö C - Köbenhavn H

July 19th 11:26-16:02 Köbenhavn H - Hamburg Hbf

July 19th 20:29-07:11 Hamburg Hbf - Muenchen

July 20th 09:34-16:19 Muenchen - Bologna Central

= 2 Travel days

July 19th 20:29-07:11 Hamburg Hbf - Muenchen

July 20th 09:34-16:19 Muenchen - Bologna Central

July 20th 17:07-19:10 Bologna Centrale - Roma Termini

= 2 Travel days

Yes, your child needs to have a Pass of their own. For children up to 11 years old, a Pass must be purchased together with an adult’s Interrail Pass. Also, the children’s Pass needs to be activated on the same device as the adult Pass.

During the trip

If you need to bring your pet on your journey, you must book directly through the train operator. We are unfortunately not able to book reservations with pets across the borders.

No, adding a journey to your Pass is not a reservation. If reservations are also required on your journey, you must book and pay for a seat reservation separately. The ticket inspector will ask to see your seat reservation when you show your ticket in the app.

If seat reservations are not required, you can choose any unreserved seat on board (except first-class if you have a second-class Pass). Adding a journey to your Pass does not mean you have an allocated seat.

You might not find every journey in the app’s timetable, as not all European trains are part of the same database. If you cannot find your journey, first make sure you have written the station name correctly with the spelling of the local language.

If you still cannot find your journey, you will see an option to add a journey manually. You can enter the missing journey details and save this journey to your trip.

Make sure you use correct full station names and train times, as these details will be checked by the ticket inspector. If you are unsure, you can check these details at the station. If a train is delayed, please enter the initially scheduled departure time.

The train company that caused the delay is responsible for ensuring that you arrive at your final station. If you suffer a delay, you should get help on the spot. Go to the ticket booth at the train station or contact the conductor.

The train company that caused the delay is responsible for ensuring that you arrive at your final destination. If you suffer a delay, you should get help on the spot. Go to the ticket booth at the train station or contact the conductor.

The ticket inspector will scan your ticket’s barcode and check if the train you are on has been added to your ticket. The ticket inspector may also ask to see your Passport or ID to verify that the Pass is yours.

Usually, bringing your bicycles on the trains in Europe is no problem. Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to pre-book any reservations for the bike. These must be purchased locally by each train operator.

The general rule is that you can bring two pieces of luggage and one carry-on bag. One piece of luggage may be slightly larger, such as a snowboard, skis, or a golf bag for instance.

After the trip

Yes, as long as you use them before the validity period has expired. Also, if you have used your inbound and outbound travel-option, you must start the new trip outside your country of residence.

Suppose your train was canceled/delayed, causing you to miss your connection or not reach your end destination. In that case, you should start contacting the nearest operator on site.

If you do not receive any help, we could assist in making a claim towards the operators. You must fill out our form describing what happened and provide pictures of the tickets, if they were printed out and provide potential documents provided by the conductor.

The claim must be made within 1 month of the trip.

Technical difficulties

In general, two main error messages might appear, indicating different problems and calling for different solutions.

Error Message A. Those details don’t match

In this case, the main issue is probably how your last name(s) has been filled out on the app. Your last name(s) should be filled in precisely as this appears on your order. Therefore, please review your order or kindly use the activation link in the confirmation email to add your Pass.

Keep in mind that the system is case-sensitive. That means it is also sensitive to special symbols, signs or accents in your name and additional spaces that may have unwittingly been typed in upon placing your order.

Error Message B. Something went wrong

To address this error, please:

1- Ensure you have a good Internet or WiFi connection. You may inspect the number of bars; anything below two is not good. The connection must be stable.

2- Check that the device settings are correct. Make sure your device is supported by the latest update.

If your name is misspelled, contact our customer service. Sometimes if you have a longer name, the full name does not show, but that is okay. The name is automatically cut if it is too long.

Seat reservation

Seat reservations abroad cannot be rebooked, so it is important that you are sure when you are going before finalizing your booking.

When traveling with a first-class Interrail Pass, you can stay in the single bed compartments for first-class. There are a few exceptions to the rule where you can stay in these single-bed compartments with a second-class Interrail Pass. On the following, you can travel with your second-class Interrail Pass in a single bed compartment: 

Norway: All night trains 

Netherlands/Germany/Poland: Jan Kiepuras night trains 

Germany/Austria/Switzerland/Italy: on all ÖBB night trains 

Spain/Portugal/France: TrenHotel Lusitania 

In most countries, only a second-class Interrail Pass is required when traveling in a two-bed compartment. Here is, however, a list of the countries where exceptions are made, and a first-class Interrail Pass is required for traveling in two-bed sleepers: 


Finland (trains running to and from Russia) 

France-Does not have single and double compartments. In France, you need a first-class ticket in their couchette for four people. 

Italy (domestic trips) 





Slovakia (domestic trips) 

Romania (domestic trips) 


Greece (domestic trips) 

Hungary/Germany/Austria (on the MAV trains running between Budapest-Berlin / Vienna-Berlin, a first-class Interrail Pass is required for both single, double, and three-bed sleeper cabins with WC/shower.)

Different countries have different rules at which age your child can sit on your lap. The general rule is up to four years old. So, if you have a child that is four or under, you do not have to buy an extra seat. However, if you still want to buy an extra seat for your child, you will need to order a child Interrail Pass, which must be done jointly with the adult pass.

Generally speaking, no. Usually, the cheaper seat reservations, such as in Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Austria, etc., are not refundable. More expensive seat reservations, such as the tickets in France and Italy, usually have a cancellation fee of a certain percentage. If you are unsure, we recommend looking this up in advance. No seat reservations in Europe can be rebooked. You will have to do a normal refund and purchase new tickets. So be sure that your travel dates are correct.

The general rule is that the night trains are bookable 180 days before departure and the day trains 90 days before departure. Some countries have a shorter sales period.

Some trains, mostly high-speed trains, require seat reservations. In most countries, seat reservations are recommended. Some train operators have no mandatory seat reservations; on these trains, you can travel and only show your Interrail Pass.

Seat reservations in Spain, the UK, Portugal, Eastern Europe, and Eurostar cannot be booked through our website.

When booking seat reservations for your Interrail trip, it is always the same price regardless of age.

Interrail Mobile Pass

The Interrail pass applies in 33 countries and it is valid with all railway companies participating in this collaboration. Below you´ll find a list of all participating companies and where your interrail pass can be used. Remember that you still might have to purchase a seat reservation for your journey.


ÖBB, plus the private train companies ROeEE/GYSEV, Westbahn and RegioJet, S-Bahn: Vienna and Innsbruck



Bosnia Herzegovina






Czech Republic

ČD, and private train companies:LEO Express and RegioJet


DSB, and private train companies: Arriva, DSB S-Tog, DSB-Øresund and Nordjydske Jernbaner.




VR and private bus company Net-matkat




Deutsche Bahn (DB) and various private companies (see pdf-document for complete list).S-bahn

Great Britain

National Rail and several others, Eurostar, Caledonian Sleeper


Hellenic Train


MÁV-STARTand private railway company:GySEV/Raaberbahn


Irish Rail / NI Railways


Trenitalia and Trenord, Leonardo Express (Roma Termini to Fiumicino Airport, only included for 1st class Passes) and Micotra


Pasažieru Vilciens


LTG Link





The Netherlands

NS and private railway companies: Arriva (Blauwnet), Connexxion (Breng), Keolis (Blauwnet), Syntus, Veolia, R-net (NS and Qbuzz), Eurobahn (Keolis Deutschland) and DB Regio.

North Macedonia



VY, private company Go-Ahead Norge and Swedish company SJ Norge


PKP and local-government run companies: Koleje Dolnoslaskie and Przewozy Regionalne






SV (Serbian Railways)


ZSSK, and private railway companies: LEO Express and RegioJet




RENFE including FEVE


SJ and private railway companies: Arlanda Express, Arriva, Inlandsbanan, JLT, Krösatågen, Kustpilen, Mälartåg, Norrtåg, Skånetrafiken, Smalsparet Vintage Railway, Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen,  Tågkompaniet, Värmlandstrafik, Västtåg and Västtrafik. Ländstrafiken in Norbotten, Veljekset Salmela, Net-matkat


SBB/CFF/FFS, BLS Lake Cruises and various private railway companies: Included railway companies - Discounted railway companies S-bahn in all cities



You have up to 11 months from the date of purchase to activate your Mobile Pass - select your first travel day (start date) and enter your Passport or ID number.

Your first travel day is your Pass's start date- you can select the start date in advance or when you're ready to activate the Pass.

Go to the App Store or Google Play to see what version is needed for you to be able to download the app.

Double check if the timetable has been updated. Otherwise, you can add your trip manually in the app. If you scroll down to the bottom of the planner page, you will find a button that says, 'Add it manually.'

Suppose you are experiencing any technical issues such as problems with travel days, wrong name, or a stolen phone, for example. In that case, you need to contact the app's owner, They are the only ones with the authority to make any changes or view your Interrail Pass. Support

As resellers, we do not have any tools or authority to make any changes of this kind.

Suppose you are experiencing any technical issues such as problems with travel days, wrong name, or a stolen phone, for example. In that case, you need to contact the app's owner, They are the only ones with authority to make changes or view your Interrail Pass. Support

As resellers, we do not have any tools or authority to make any changes of this kind.

Suppose you are experiencing any technical issues such as problems with travel days, wrong name, or a stolen phone, for example. In that case, you need to contact the app's owner, They are the only ones with authority to make changes or view your Interrail Pass. Support

As resellers, we do not have any tools or authority to make any changes of this kind.

You can activate your Pass any time up until your first travel day. You will need the number of the Passport or ID you are traveling with and the date of your first travel day to activate your Pass.

In order to board your first train, your Pass needs to be activated, and you need to have a ticket ready in 'My Pass.'

Remember that you can activate your Pass for travel any time within 11 months of purchase. If you are not sure when you bought your Pass, you can check your order confirmation email.

You can deactivate your Pass any time before the start of your first travel day (00:00 CET on that day). Just cancel your travel days in 'My Pass' to deactivate your Pass. You can then activate your Pass again when you are ready.

To travel with the Interrail Pass, you need to be able to show your ticket while traveling. For this, you will get a QR code that you can show. When you register your trip in the app and add it to your Pass, there will be a QR.

The following traveler categories are available:

1. Adult (Full Fare)

2. Youth

3. Child

4. Senior

Adult (Full Fare)

The category Adult is a "Full Fare" Pass.


The category Youth is available for travelers younger than 28 years of age on the first day their Pass is valid for travel.


Children aged 4-11 can travel for free when traveling together with someone holding an Adult Pass.

The free Child Pass is available for travelers from 4 years of age up to 11 on the first day their Pass is valid for travel.

The free Child Pass must be valid as the accompanying Adult Pass. This means the Child Pass will be issued for the same category, class, and period as the accompanying Adult Pass.

Children younger than 4 years old can travel for free and without a Pass unless a separate seat or bed is requested. In that case, a separate Child ticket or Pass may be required.

Up to two children can travel for free with any one adult. Adults traveling with children do not have to be family members, just any adult over the age of 18.

The free Child Pass offer is valid for up to two children per Adult Pass. In case an Adult Pass holder would like to travel with more than two children, an additional separate Youth Pass must be purchased for this child or several children.

A Child Pass has equal validity as the accompanying Adult Pass (e.g., same class, number of travel days, and overall validity).


The category Senior is available for travelers aged 60 and older on the first day of their Pass validity. The Senior category is unavailable for the Eurail or Interrail German Rail Passes.

You can read which ferries you have a discount on and how to book them here.

Yes, you can travel with either a Passport or a National ID on Interrail.

No, you are not guaranteed a seat on the train with only an Interrail Pass. To be assured of having a seat, you must make a separate seat reservation. Note that this is mandatory for certain trains.

You can see the Mobile Pass and the seat reservations as two components that need each other to be able to function. The Interrail Pass is the travel ticket and allows you to travel on the train. The seat reservation allows you a seat on the train. When you have bought your seat reservations, you will have a separate ticket for this. You still need to search for the journey in the app and add it to your Interrail Pass. This needs to be done with every single journey you make. For example, every time you change trains, a new journey begins.

Your Mobile Pass is periodically checked against our system to ensure its validity and prevent fraud. Therefore, you must be online at least once every three days.

We will send you a notification 24 hours before your three days are up so you can find an internet connection. If you are on a train, there may be onboard Wi-Fi that you can use. The app does not update in the background, so you will need to actively open the app when you find a connection so we can check your Pass.

Suppose you have not been online in more than three days. In that case, your Mobile Pass will be considered inactive, and you will not be able to use your Pass until you connect to the internet and open the app.

A Child Pass needs to be activated the same way as a regular Pass and can be on a separate device. The Child Pass should always have its own trip and tickets for inspection on the train. Please be aware that a Child Pass and an Adult Pass should have the same country of residence. Otherwise, they cannot be added to the same device.

No, adding more days or countries to your Pass is not possible. If you decide to travel longer, you can simply buy another Pass and add it to your phone.

You can get a refund of your Mobile Pass as long as it has not been activated. You can deactivate your Pass if your first travel day has not yet begun.

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